Utsav at Uttorayon

‘Utsav’ at Uttorayon is Designed / Conceived as a Ceremony Hall with multi-purpose uses:

– Banquets, Marriages, Cultural Programs, Functions and Ceremonies


It is the first and only building that reflects the hill character thereby addressing and responding to the context in which it is constructed.

The walls are made of plaster and lath framed by timber members – similar construction technology and forms prevalent in the hilly regions that surround Siliguri.


The structure is designed with the sloping roofs, valleys and ridges are similar to the hill structures. Along with this, their large overhangs take into consideration, the geographical context that necessitates the disposal of the copious quantities of rainfall received in the Siliguri region.


Designed as a ‘Heritage’ building, care is taken to ensure that there is an ambience of the ‘traditional’ thereby attempting to be culturally relevant while also addressing the contemporary context.

The largest usable areas are open to sky and therefore only usable during favorable weather.

The Hall is designed as a courtyard [5110 sqft] with a double storey structure towards the west which houses the main entry [580 sqft], air conditioned lounges [400 & 580 sqft] and offices [200 sqft] on the ground floor and 2 air conditioned lounges [580 sqft each], a pavilion like lounge [580 sqft] that overlooks the ‘Central Park’ and the stage on either side, a terrace and restrooms. There is a large kitchen along with a storeroom [1000 sqft] towards the south. Adjacent to this is an open kitchen [1190] and the public restrooms. The north side of the hall is dedicated to parking that is separated from the main area by a wall and a 10’ wide corridor. The stage [580] and the green rooms [300] are on the east side of the hall.

The large and generous volumes of the main entry achieves are designed to welcome the visitor and lead them into the hall. There is a fountain located along the axis that dominates and accentuates the symmetry of the structure.

This balance is further enhanced by the choice and use of materials –

There is a 12” granite border along the central axis that defines the axis. Along this are the main ridges, the center of the king post truss and the center of the fountain. All the usable spaces and areas are located on either side of this axis.

Sober elegance using a monochromatic color palette remains the mood of the interior and exterior.

It is a composite framed structure that uses RCC, brickwork, plaster walls, timber frames, structural timber trusses as well as structural steel trusses that creates ‘difference’ within the rigid and austere grid that defines the spatial design concept.










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