The Cedar Inn at Darjeeling

The Cedar Inn located at Darjeeling was designed by Saseesh Prasad an excellent architect and a friend. It was probably his first first project and was important in that it also established the character of his work in the years to come. He developed what we now refer to as the ‘ Darjeeling’ style which is a version of the Victorian and Colonial architecture ubiquitous in the region.

The most challenging part of the project was responding to this style of architecture since we had strong proclivities to a modern contemporary design sensibility. The project brief required an extension of around 9 rooms and service quarters to be housed in recently acquired land across the lawn.

Another important challenge was to build in such a way that the extension would not obstruct the view of the existing rooms since, one of the main features of the hotel was that each of the rooms faced directly towards Mt. Khangchendzonga.

We tried to respond to the topography by building a tower like structure since the area available was not very large and since it had to have a small footprint in order for it not to be an obstruction. The architectural style had to be somehow similar to the existing structure but, it was toned down and cleaner lined.

The Extension viewed from the existing structure.

The extension at the Gate.

The extension under construction

The spectacular view of the Khangchendzonga from the hotel

A view of the extension starting construction.

The existing Cedar Inn at Jalapahar at Darjeeling


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