The Jade

The Jade

Hospitality and Commercial project located at Daragaon along National Highway 31A in Gangtok.

The form of the building is achieved by following the site boundaries. Since the road in front of the building curves slightly, the same is followed along the front which gives it a flowing appearance. The primary staircase is designed as a helical stair which further enhances the gently flowing character of the form.

There is a contrast in the materials used in the building between the traditional stone facade locally found in Sikkim and the sharpness of spider glazing in the windows. This contrast is further highlighted by the traditional windows and the fully glazed windows on the front facade.

The lowest level useable is located one level below the road which is reserved for parking. The road level floor will be used for commercial and the remaining floors will be the Hotel and its ancillary programs.

The front facade of the building looking at the National Highway.


The front of the building with the ramp leading to the parking below.

The front facade of the building from the road level.

The atrium with the helical stairs leading from the ground level to the rest of the floors.

A view of the spider glazing and the helical stair behind it.


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