Seventh Mile, Gangtok

Seventh Mile, Gangtok

This Hotel called ‘Seventh Mile’ which is a working title is located seven miles out of Gangtok close to Ranipul. The design has been complete and currently, we are waiting for the client for the project to proceed any further.

The municipal bylaws of Sikkim permit 5.5 stories in the most stable areas of the state. It is typical of all projects located along the roadside that the lowest level lies somewhere much below the road level so, there is a fair amount of floors that do not get adequate natural light and ventilation which also results in a loss of revenue. This design addresses the issue by splitting the large footprint of the building into two blocks connected physically by bridges. Most of the rooms and commercial areas are located on one block and the block behind holds most of the public functions such as banqueting, restaurants and conference.

The design of the structure is fairly simple and clear in that it is purely functional. There is a doubly loaded corridor which determines the depth of the building and, the length is decided by the area available to build upon. Some of the rooms face the valley and some the road.

View of the front facade of the block along the road with commercial program at the road level.

A view of the front facade with the sloping road in front which makes it possible to have two floors with direct access to the main road.

A view of the structure from the lower part of the road showing the way in which the two accesses to the building work.

A view showing the two blocks and the entry into the parking level which connects the two buildings.

A view from the valley side of the building showing the block behind.

A birds eye view of the valleyside.

A view from the valley side.

A view of a model of the project.

A view of the project model.


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