Namnang Walkways Gangtok – Design

LOCATION- A (Design Proposal)

Design Strategy / Concept

The design strategy for Location A –

a. Build a bridge across the lower road. It will start from the road on the higher level and be built across the same road as it negotiates the turning and also decending in altitude.

b. Start the footpath at the turning of the road in such a way that there is a incidental viewpoint that forms part of the begining of the footpath down to Deorali.

c. This bridge will need to meet the footpath – therefore, a staircase will have to be built to climb down from the level of the bridge to the level of the footpath at the level of the lower road.

d. The architecural concept for the bridge and the footpath and the railings is based on the traditional architecture of the monasteries. The proportining principles and color schemes as well as the means derived to articulate these structures have to studied and emulated in order to design the bridge and footpath as well as the stairs. This will be in keeping with the heritage nature of the project in order to promote the development of tourism.


LOCATION- B (Design Proposal)

Design Strategy / Concept

The design strategy for Location B –

a. Make use of the area available along the road and the fairly gradual slope and propose a cafeteria / restaurant along with a bar and a kitchen.

b. Make toilets and public service amenities available for the pedestrians.

c. Propose a storage facility for the structure and the infrastructure created.

d. Parking spaces for the patrons of the caeteria.

e. A landscape and planting concept proposal.

f. A room for the caretaker who would maintiain and secure the infrastructure created.


LOCATION- C (Design Proposal)

Design Strategy / Concept

The design strategy for Location C –

a. Carry on the footpath typically through the entire stretch of the road.

b. Create a dramatic condition for the installation of a glass floor so that there is a condition of a skywalk that gets created in this location. This glass floor would permit the pedestrian to look directly into the valley and the gorge below thus creating a dramatic effect. It would be a thrilling experience for the pedestrian and would serve as an instant crowdpuller and an attraction – thereby creating avenues for tourism development.

c. Retain an opaque part to the footpath so that people who are unable to walk on the glass floor can still manage to cross this part of the stretch.

LOCATION- D (Design Proposal)

Design Strategy / Concept

The design strategy for Location D –

a. Create a viewpoint that cantilevers beyond the footpath and since the slope is relatively gradual, the support for the same would not be very long.

b. Design benches and areas for pedestrians to sit and take a breath while walking up or down the hill from Deorali or from Gangtok.

c. Create areas for people to stand and view the landscape or take pictures of it.

LOCATION- E (Design Proposal)

Design Strategy / Concept

The design strategy for Location E



5 thoughts on “Namnang Walkways Gangtok – Design

  1. Hi Prashant,

    It was quite by chance that I came across your ineresting concept sketches and write-up for the Namnang Walkways. It is indeed a novel and creative idea, which made me think how well it would go with a gently curving, sleek, light and airy tensioned-membrane fabric canopy. That would really heighten the ‘walk-in-the-sky’ experience of the pedestrian!

    Understanding that it is a government project, it may be difficult to convince them to spend that extra amount for the value-addition of its aesthetics. But all the same, you seem to have done a convincing job of your design which, I sincerely hope the implementing agency will do justice to such an avant-garde design. Either way, I’d love to know the outcome, and maybe, get involved in some of your projects.

    I am a mechanical engineer by profession, but my interest in Structures, both built and naturally-ocurring, has led me to a state of being where I am independant, and I love my work! And am fortunate enough to earn my keep from it – of late, most of which have been tensile structures.

    Should you be interested to know more about the kind of stuff I have been doing – that may be of interest to you, mail me at:



    1. Hi Prithviraj, thank you so much for your comment. I will definitely be corresponding with you by mail and would love to have tensile structures designed for some of my projects. Thanks again and cheers – Prashant


      1. It is absolutely incredible, really! ….. but soon after I posted my comment on your blog above, I received a drawing – the regular plan-elevation-section, but without a ‘title block’ & project name – from my fabric supplier, saying that they had received an inquiry for a tensile roof for a cafetaria and the ‘client’ wanted some design options. I spoke to their ‘client’ and, imagine my surprise when, he revealed that it was for a project in Sikkim! Maybe I am wrong, but When I referred to your presentation drawings above, it quite matched with your proposal for the wayside cafetaria – stilts/split level floor/glass walls/footpath etc. Will be quite a conincidence if it really is a part of your proposal!
        Anyway, I have sent my design proposals for the roof to the same ‘client’, who sounded more like a commission agent to me. I guess, I’ll never know who the real client is unless my design is approved and I get to do the project, which will be quite … providential, should I say!




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