The Retreat at Baigunay – Presentation

This post should have made its entry into the blog much earlier – primarily because, it is one project that exemplifies what this blog is about.

Through this blog, we will try and map, document and record the process of construction. In the few years that we have been involved in the practice of designing and constructing, we have found that there are usually a number of modifications and alterations. These changes sometimes go to enhance the design and sometimes, end up looking quite unappealing. There are several reasons for these changes – some are caused by the unpredictability of building and some are more whimsical – whatever the reason may be, most often we have found that it is nearly impossible to conceive a foolproof design that will be implemented in exactly the same manner that it was conceived.

The Retreat at Baigunay was an incredibly trying process for all of us and we do believe that the most learning can happen when one is pushed to ones limits. It was a large enough project where we attempted to create an environment that was true to its context – in that, it responded appropriately to its physical surroundings and at the same time, provided the user with a fairly high level of luxury. This task was pushed even further with having a fit a budget. Most of the fabrication was in situ and there was a fair amount of experimenting.

Renzo Piano mentioned in one of his interviews that, to make a great project, you may need a great architect but, you definitely need a great client. I would have to say that in retrospect, even though we endured frequent turbulences, this project would not have happened the way it did if it were not for the attention to detail that the clients demanded.


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