Namnang Walkways, Const., Feb 2012

Construction for the project finally began after a extended wait and apprehension. Achieving the environmental clearance was probably the biggest hitch in getting it off the ground. The site is probably one of the most spectacular and, the most dangerous! Before any work could begin, a boundary of steel supports and plates had to be erected since having any boulders or debris slide away from the steep cliff was not an option. There is a village below which is vulnerable to any construction mishap at our site. Nevertheless, we are all excited that the project has begun. There are some issue with landownership but, we hope that will get cleared soon and not really end up halting the progress in any significant way.


4 thoughts on “Namnang Walkways, Const., Feb 2012

  1. Thanks for liking the floating home! If you have browsed through my site, you may have noticed my interests are around ecological and accessible or universal design. I would love to see modern floating villages that are fully accessible and it looks like you are in an area of the world that could make it so.

    My first reaction to your walkway is do you actually need the steps you have built in, why not ramps as well? It is not only disabled people who need ramps, parents with baby buggies and prams and service/ delivery operatives often do!

    I am also specialising in neuro-diversity, which is really about creating environments that are not too noisy and brash and are legible.


  2. Hi – I liked the floating home because I lived in Amsterdam for around 5 years – one of which was spent on a woonboot on Prinsengracht. At that time, we didn’t have any contemporary design influence so it was nice to see this – something that I thought should have happened a long time ago.

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my post. The walkway would have been great without the steps – I would agree but, the natural slopes of the adjoining road are not fit for ramp gradients so, we had to introduce steps. A ramp that is overtly steep is nearly impossible to climb as opposed to stairs – thus the decision. Thanks for your feedback though – the point had come up during preliminary design discussions.

    Neuro – diversity sounds interesting. How do you go about creating these environments? I suppose I will get more information in your blog when I see it in more detail. Cheers.


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