Sichey Residence, Const., Gangtok, Apr 12

A view from the garden. The house is under construction as is obvious from the pictures and, the unfinished structure in the background is located at an adjoining plot and not part of the residence.

A view from the garden again at a later date.

A view from the unfinished building in the adjoining plot.


One thought on “Sichey Residence, Const., Gangtok, Apr 12

  1. Hi Pashant,
    Hard to find you on the internet, finally worked out.
    How are you doing? long time man!
    we are going to do some projects in India with our office. So might be that i have to go to check India out.
    Would be a good chance to meet again.

    Can i reach you by email?

    let me know,

    best regards Wouter,
    en de groeten van Karla! Also our best regards to Hema!!


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