Proposal for the upgradation of Peerless Resort at Mukutmanipur, West Bengal

We made a proposal for the Peerless Resort at Mukutmanipur overlooking the Kangshabati river.  It is a very popular destination and the owners felt that resort needed an upgrade.

Our proposal was based on a detailed analysis of the existing property – visually and operationally. A new aesthetic was adopted – one that was rooted in the nature centric resorts of Bali and Sri Lanka. It also ensured that the approach was environmentally sensitive and economically within a limited budget – especially since the property was positioning itself to be mid level.

We offered the clients several options by which one would be able to phase out development as well as have a firm control on the budget.

(Team :  Kanupriya Raniwala, Arushi Chitrao, Bibek Raj Shrestha, Mriganko Sonowal, Dhruv Desai, Prashant Pradhan)





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