Cultural Convention Centre at Chalsa

This project has been prepared inspired by the incredible natural beauty of the Dooars region of North Bengal. The principal aim of the project is for the development of Luxury and High End Tourism in the region – something that needs to be addressed. Drawing from the immense diversity present in the region – socially, ethnically, ecologically, culturally, a Centre has been planned in order to bring awareness of the region to other parts of the world as well as showcasing the tremendous beauty that it has been blessed with. The activities that form part of the project are directed at this aim that the project strives to achieve.

The Center

The Cultural Convention Center at Chalsa is a place where people would come together to celebrate Peace Harmony and Tranquility. They would come to study it, understand it and experience it – within the en- vironment of the Center, they would be exposed to a togetherness of Communities and Cultures in and around the Context of Chalsa and Jalpaiguri. This region is home to several ethnic tribes and communities – Urban, Rural and Tribal – different religions and classes – under a single umbrella, this center would be the venue for celebrating their diversity and celebrating their unity and their ability to coexist in this region.

With the rise of modern advances in technology and communication, a Center of this kind is required in order to document and preserve the changes that have impacted the relatively tribal societies. The studies of languages are necessary as markers of social changes in the area – it also brings scholars from differ- ent parts of the world and exposes them to the Local Culture and Heritage. Healthy interaction between the people who come from outside – as tourists or scholars results in an exchange of ideas, thoughts and beliefs – which would only enrich the lives of the people in and around the region who are directly or indi- rectly connected to the Center.






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