The Camino Hotel located in Darjeeling is one of the renovation projects of old buildings – converting them to be relevant to the contemporary context. The building, as it existed before, was in a dilapidated condition with badly planned rooms – wasting a lot of space.

This is part of the renovation series that we would like to work towards specialising in. We take an existing building and through design and renovation – keeping the structure intact, we give it a complete facelift.

This location has the fantastic views of the Himalayan Range and Mt. Khangchendzonga that Darjeeling is so famous for. All the rooms on the rear of the building have access to it. The front addresses the needs of the urban context and the functional aspects of getting into and out of a hotel lobby.

Below are computer generated views of the different areas of the hotel and construction has begun at site. We are hopeful that within a year and half, this property would be operational.

                      Views of the Reception Lobby


                       Views of the Restaurant


Views of a Typical Room


Inspiration from the Omnia, Zermatt

The  minimal interior concept of the design has been inspired by the Omnia, in Switzerland. It is a project that I had worked on in New York for Ali Tayar. This highlights all that I learnt from him and also is a tribute to his genius.





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