Namnang Walkways and Allied Facilities

The construction for the walkways at Namnang has been complete for over a year but, it has not been inaugurated and opened for the public. There are legal and administrative issues that have stopped the completion of the project – but, for the purposes that it was conceived and built, it has been serving the pedestrians and easing the vehicular traffic of Gangtok.

The restaurant interiors lie incomplete along with a portion of the walkway allocated for the skywalk. The foot over-bridge proposed at the sharp hairpin bend only has the steel structural framework.

The problem that the project faces currently is that it is not being maintained – that is causing a lot of damage to the polycarbonate roofing – but the rest of the robust steel structure – has been constructed well.

At an urban level, the walkway has served its purpose as an important pedestrian connector and an alternative vehicular access to the inner parts of Gangtok – it has still to realise the tourism potential attached to it. We are hopeful that the obstacles holding up the project get resolved soon and it begins working at full capacity.


















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