Documenting the Homes – I

This is the first of a 3 part series of posts that document the buildings of the Dr. Graham’s Homes located in Kalimpong. Having visited the school a number of times, it was sad to see that the 150 year old buildings in need of attention and maintenance. We proposed to the school authorities to survey and measure these old buildings and document the structures. This would help keep a record of the heritage of the Homes as well as be helpful – should the administration decide to undertake repairs.

Upon getting the requisite permissions and working out logistics, we decided to put together a team from our office to visit the school, stay there for a period of time and survey some of the buildings. We were unable to complete all the buildings because, it would require much more time and manpower but, we managed to put together a report comprising of the more important buildings in the campus.

Below are drawings and photographs of the Chapel. There are also some general photographs of the buildings measured. The following posts cover some of the cottages of the Homes.

Documentation Team:

Kanupriya Raniwala, Hishey Doma Bhutia, Arushi Chitrao, Ralph Sequeira, Devanshi Harani,Swapnil Mistry, Mriganko Sonowal and Bivek Raj Shrestha




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