Proposal for Ecohuts at Melli

The Forest, Environment and Wildlife Management Department collaborated with Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA to propose and build environmentally sensitive tourism infrastructure in Sikkim. We were asked to prepare a proposal for a project located in Melli, a border town leading to South and West Sikkim. This would comprise of  taking existing infrastructure of the department and converting it to be more tourism friendly. We had to propose tree houses and eco huts that imbibed the local culture while keeping the budget to less than 1 crore.

We made a presentation to the directors, administrators and politicians who were excited by our proposal – but the department was unable to move the project forward because of administrative shortcomings.

We are including this project in this blog with the hope that one day, we may get the opportunity to build something like this. It is a prototypical development that has been designed with sustainability built into it and hence, once completed, it would be able to maintain itself while also uplifting the local community stakeholders.


Site Plan with Conceptual Design







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