Pinetree Spa Resort

The Pinetree Spa Resort was commissioned in a property leased from the Darjeeling Gymkhana Club by the client. 35 rooms and suites were required  along with a restaurant, lobby cafe and other ancillary facilities.

A long and narrow area was available for the hotel which left only one possible layout – one that had a corridor facing the darjeeling town and the rooms to face the mountains. This has always been an issue with the Darjeeling Hotels – one has to choose between the rooms getting either a good view of having sunlight enter the rooms. We chose to provide the rooms with the mountain view and leave the corridor filled with sunlight.

The hotel was accessible from the main mall road as well as the gymkhana club. This was also seen as an another facility complementing the Gymkhana Resort.

The design approach for the hotel was to make it a contemporary building – which would work as an alternative to the ubiquitous Darjeeling style – as a breath of fresh air and for something different from what the town is already familiar with. Numerous lapses at site during the process of construction and finishing made it impossible to complete the project as envisioned but, we were happy with some of what was built.










Computer Generated Renders







3 thoughts on “Pinetree Spa Resort

  1. I see! The interiors look great! The name of the resort could have been displayed in a more chic way though! I just couldn’t find a front view of the building.


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