Proposal for Tourism Development in West Sikkim

Our firm was assigned to come up with a proposal for the development of Tourism in West Sikkim – comprising of infrastructure to enhance the tourist experience in the place. This was to be part of a presentation made by the Department of Tourism and Civil Aviation in Sikkim to the Ministry of Tourism in New Delhi seeking funds to realise the proposal. Each district had a set of projects that would form part of a circuit – within the district as well as encompassing the entire state.

We were given certain locations to design – and our basic design approach was to try and blend in with the natural environment as well as the prevailing built one. Taking clues from the vernacular architecture of the region, the projects were designed to fulfill the design requirements and be sensitive to the context.


Development of Infrastructure at Singdhap, Soreng

This comprised of the of an approach road, parking yard, a cafeteria with other tourism amenities centred around a lake. It also included the upgradation of the existing infrastructure – gazebo, a pedestrian walkway around the lake, and the landscape surrounding it. A parking lot was to be developed along with a cafeteria which we proposed to be double storied so that one would be able to get better views of the lake and the nature that enveloped it.




Development of Infrastructure at Basecamp, Timberbong

This comprised of an approach road, an amphitheater, traditional huts amongst other infrastructure.


Development of Infrastructure at Timberbong and Dodak  

This comprising of trekking routes, gazebos and tourism amenities. Situated in the context of a monastery, the basic requirement was that of a consolidated footpath that connected the monastery to a proposed parking lot next to the road. Along the walkway, there would be other amenities that would serve to enhance the tourist experience of the monastery.


Development of Paragliding Centre at Durpin Dara, Chakung

The programmatic requirement comprising of a cafeteria that included Paragliding facilities, a view deck and other basic tourism infrastructure. The design concept evolved out of the need to address the program of the proposal – the paragliding centre. It was conceived as 2 ‘wings’ literally from where the runway would be developed for the individual to take off into the skies.





2 thoughts on “Proposal for Tourism Development in West Sikkim

  1. Nice work, Prashant! Especially like your proposal for the Paragliding Centre, where the usable space is achieved by undercutting the hillside, with minimal disturbance to the topography.

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