Residence for Dr. Amishi & Apurva Shah, Applewoods, Ahmedabad


I got an unexpected call from Pareshbhai Patel – our client from the 650 Global Kitchen project. He informed me that he had a friend – a doctor couple living in Ahmedabad who had purchased a bungalow in the Applewoods scheme – a new gated community on the periphery of the city’s growth rings. They were looking around from an architect/ interior designer who would help them design and furnish this house – the only issue was that their budget was restricted to a figure of 25Lakhs.

It was a challenge that I could not  resist. After a brief meeting and conversation with the clients – we visited the site and I was convinced that this was possible. Our office got to designing.

It was a great experience working with the clients  who trusted us completely. They were involved in the design process without interfering and helped us with valuable suggestions along the way. It was yet another project that was designed in Gangtok and built in Ahmedabad we are proud to have completed – within the stipulated budget as well as something that turned out much better than we thought possible.

Design Approach

As most of our projects, the design approach for any interior has always been to keep clean straight lines with mimimal articulation. Keeping the furniture predominantly built in and pushed up towards the walls, the space in the middle is left free for spontaneous activity.

A lot of the finishes were already provided – we decided to stick with them and only add and enhance. It was decided to have nothing unnecessary and superfluous. Practicality was the only reason given to choosing any product, finish etc. Only a couple of areas were adorned with false ceilings and most new electrical fittings were installed by carefully concealing the cables – so as to not chase the walls again.


The Living Room

The large living / dining space was designed so that it received ample natural daylight. We were very impressed with that feature of the bungalow. The long rectangular space opened out onto the rear lawn / garden through a semi covered area.

We decided to create a divan along one wall and purchased loose sofas from Urban Ladder. The coffee table was also purchased. This combination seemed to work well to seat a number of people while still keeping it comfortable.


Photographs of the Living Room


Computer Generated Render

The Dining Area


Photographs of the Dining Area


Computer Generated Render

The Master Bedroom


Photographs of the Master Bedroom

Computer Generated Renders

Childrens’ Room

The Children – a young boy and girl barely in their teens were not old enough to get their own room each so, a common room was provided for them for the time being. This would later be converted to the daughter’s room and the son would be given the guest bedroom in the future.

The room was designed with a similar design approach as the rest of the house – simple and clean lines – clutter free.


Photographs of the Childrens’ Room

Computer Generated Renders

The Study Room

This room is located close to the entry – next to the lobby. It would be used by the children to do their homework / study / research. It is seperated from the rest of the house by a tall bookshelf which also includes a glass door. It is close to the main door so, the children can be aware of people entering the house – and while it is exclusive, there  is the privacy and quiet required for study and research.


Photographs of the Study Room

Computer Generated Renders

Photographs: Neha Mevada & Pratik Brahmbhatt – Pratikruti, Ahmedabad

Design Team : Kanupriya Raniwala, Shweta Sundar, Harshit Shah, Prashant Pradhan

Carpenters: Kanhaiyalal Ghelot

Painters: Sanjaybhai


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