Office for the Summit Times at Gangtok


There are a wide range of projects that we are involved with in the office and, our approach to tackling the process is usually similar; regardless of the scale, magnitude or budget. A smaller and tighter budget is most often, an opportunity to be more creative with the use of materials and spaces.

We had the opportunity for quick interior project – to design the headquarters for the Summit Times, an upcoming daily from Gangtok. The space and budget was limited but, we welcomed the challenge (also the client was a dear old friend) and managed to complete the project to the satisfaction of the clients.

We chose to use a design process similar to our own office – basic waterproof plywood built in furniture finished with either paint or laminate. A neutral, natural palette of colors using a dominant theme of black to unify the design, the interior was fabricated with the semi-skilled local carpenters.





Photos by Sumeira Mumtaz (Intern from SPA, New Delhi)



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