The office was overflowing with people this year and we had to use an adjacent room to accommodate everyone. Architects Zamyang, Sulekha and Khirod  were joined by Saikat, Bijayta, Pema.

Trainees in the office from Patan were  Rachana, Anjali and Abhishek and from Vadodara Design Academy were Spandan, Richa and Mayuri.


Office picnic combined with PAN architecture


Nisha (from PAN), Mayuri, Anjali, Richa, Rachana and Dichen


Rachana, Khirod, Abhishek, Richa, Zamyang, Spandan, Mayuri, Dichen, Prashant, Hema, Anjali and Anurudh


Rachana, Mayuri, Spandan, Siddhartha, Abhishek, Khirod, Dichen, Anjali, Aria, Mindoo, Kairav and Zamyang



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